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CAF Bank (Charities Aid Foundation) is a UK registered charity and can trace its history back to 1924 when a charities department was opened by the National Council of Social Service, encouraging giving to charities, eventually renamed as CAF in 1974 when it became an independent organisation. The CAF Bank head office is situated in West Malling, Kent with a secondary office located on Andrew Street in London, England. The CAF Bank provide assistance to UK and international charities, promoting charity donations around the world.
CAF Bank spend in the region of three hundred million pounds each year on charitable donations.

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    Любой из нас всех тяготеет к экономической стабильности, однако без исключения у каждого из нас с вами порою могут приключиться вовсе непредвиденные перипетии, требующие от нас принятия незамедлительных решений и также некоторых финансовых вложений.

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    Great customer experience, CAF Bank were easy to contact and happy to offer assistance with any enquiry, will continue to support this company!

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