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Chevrolet is an American multi-national vehicle producer, part of General Motors, founded by Louis Chevrolet in 1911.
Chevrolet's first vehicles were aimed to post competition to Henry Ford's Model T vehicle in the 1920s and now produce a wide range of auto-mobiles including medium duty commercial vans and lorries and compact cars.
Chevrolet now have operations in over one hundred and forty companies, having global sales of over four million vehicles in 2011, a world record in the vehicle industry. In tribute to the founder, a range of premium Swiss watches, featuring the Louis Chevrolet trademark, were produced in 2007, which are predominantly manually wound, quartz and automatic models.

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  • Nobody
    From about 2 years

    I purchased a 2013 Lincoln Navigator from Jones Chevrolet in Warren, PA. I contacted them once I noticed that the seatbelts were damaged. They told me it was caused from a dog and perfectly safe. I drive with a 8mo old! VERY UNSATISFIED!!

  • Nobody
    Brian Lansburg
    From almost 4 years

    The WORST....after fixing six recalls on my 2004 Chevrolet Malibu, I drive down to the dealer to fix the latest one of a ignition key safety, to be told the postcard was a mistake....AND AFTER CALLING THE 1-800-222-1020 I"m told I get no compensation

  • Nobody
    From over 4 years

    how much longer on this re-call for my 2007 chevrolet?

  • Nobody
    Finley Jenkins
    From over 6 years

    Customer service are based in America so beware before calling from a mobile! However, customer support were very supportive and helpful.

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