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The Daily Mail is a British daily tabloid newspaper, established in 1896 by Lord Northcliffe in London, today being the second biggest selling newspaper in the UK.
The Daily Mail operates a daily tabloid newspaper, alongside The Mail on Sunday paper and The Mail Online. The Sunday paper was first printed in 1982. The Daily Mail was the first British newspaper to feature articles and editorial features specifically for women, today being the only newspaper to have over fifty percent female readership. The Daily Mail currently circulates almost two million copies each day in the UK. The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Mail Online are currently owned by Associated Newspapers Limited.

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    Geoff Penn
    From about 5 years

    sack paul newman we need the best players full stop he is just a lords mouthpiece you have to be the right sort of chap to play for England he says they where right to sack K P well the man that sacked him was wrong and been sacked the fans want k p

  • Nobody
    frances garrett
    From almost 6 years

    for months i havent been able to log in or use comments. i think i have been blocked and want to know why

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    Lara Benson
    From over 7 years

    Pleased with assistance received from the Daily Mail customer support, plus the contact tel was a landline number.

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