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British brand of household chemicals and textile dyes Dylon International was founded by the Mayborn Group in 1946. The brand includes various products consisting of Multipurpose Dye, Cold Water Dye and Machine Fabric Dye and comes in 26 colours.

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  • Nobody
    From about 1 year

    Not only infuriating to find that the customer service number given no longer works but also that the replacement number does not work either!
    As a designer I expect technical experts to offer advice. Really poor service from Dylon !!!!

  • Nobody
    From about 1 year

    I’ve brought 2 dyes now to dye to small blankets. I put them both in together and one of them came out yellow which is the colour I wanted but the other one was still white. I brought another dye and it still came out white so what a waste on £13.

  • Nobody
    From over 1 year

    I have used 2 of your new intensive black dyes to dye a couple of white tea towels & a white facecloth & they have come out a dreadful patchy light blue grey ? I have used your products for years ? What is going on ?
    All your Tel no. are incorrect

  • Nobody
    Emma Finlay
    From almost 5 years

    Dear Dylon,
    I dyed two of my husband's white 100% cotton TM Lewin shirts with your black dye and both have come out greeny-grey. Where should I send them in to you so you can advise me on how to get them to black.

  • Nobody
    Sean Gill
    From over 6 years

    Dylon are using a UK landline as their contact number for customer service, nice to see some companies still do this as it makes it a free call from most people's mobile or landline.

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