Based in the UK, GiffGaff offer a mobile phone services to their customers with the O2 network as its carrier. GiffGaff is owned by O2 and began operating in the UK in 2009.
GiffGaff also offers their customers the chance of "Pay Back" by recommended friends and family to increase the company's sales, as well as offering incentives to join the network via another member. Their main product is a SIM only package which works with all standard UK 2G/3G services.

Important info:

The service offered by is independent of the brands listed in this directory. bears no association to any of the brands listed

Service users must be over the age of 18, and the bill payer of the phone in which the call is being placed. phone directory is updated and expanded on a daily basis. We specialize in providing phone numbers that are difficult to obtain, allowing you a quick and easy way to acquire non-premium numbers, thus saving you money and time on your call to GiffGaff.

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  • Nobody
    From about 4 years

    the number above is o2 switchboard arrrrrrrgh

  • Nobody
    From about 4 years

    i cant remember my log in details so i send my phone number a message comes up weve sent you an email well no they havnt six times and counting

  • Nobody
    From about 4 years

    i want to be able to speak to a person like you can with ee or vodafone not send emails to some random and not get a response

  • Nobody
    vanessa jones
    From about 4 years

    i bought a pack i can not use it i want my money back theres no way to get in touch with anyone about this ive done there ?'s page and forum but no way can i get hold or email the company ne awear of this they have £18.00 i can not use i want money

  • Nobody
    tony t
    From over 4 years

    GiffGaff is great when it is working properly.
    But if things go wrong the main help is from other customers using their forum, or send a message to an agent and get an unhelpful reply for another day's wait.

  • Nobody
    From over 4 years

    I have the £15 goodybag which I received for the first month. Giffgaff text me on the 12/06/2014 saying my goodybag expired On the 14/06/14. So I then topped up £15 on the 14/06/14 like it said so and I have still not received this month's goodybag?

We offer a high quality directory service. When calling the phone number you will hear a short recording with the GiffGaff customer service phone number.

We will give you the customer service phone number from GiffGaff in a timely and easy manner.

Once you have called, we will immediately provide you with the GiffGaff customer service phone number.

Once you have contacted GiffGaff through our service, you can leave your feedback on the quality of the support received by the brand assistance service, so that other users and companies can check the general level of satisfaction given by GiffGaff customer service.