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0845 602 3134

Priority Club Queries 0870 730 7777
Online Shop Queries 0207 482 5388
Head Office 0151 481 5454
Customer Services 0845 602 3134

Johnson Cleaners UK Ltd most commonly known as Johnsons Cleaners, is the biggest dry cleaning organisation in the UK. The company was founded in 1995 with the amalgamation of 12 companies. The idea originated from the Johnsons Brothers in 1817 when they started a business in silk drying. The business started off in Liverpool, England and have now grown to own over 500 stores nationwide. They hold a 20% share of the UK's dry cleaning market, thus making them the leading organisation in the sector.

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  • Nobody
    elizabeth bateman
    From over 4 years

    member no 9584615. I have telephoned customer service left a message and am still waiting a reply. My local Johnsons cleaners has shut down Stokesley N Yorks. I am a priority club member paid till March 2015. I have misplaced my 20% off coupon.

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