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0871 940 5040

Flight and hotel 0871 423 8568
Switchboard 0871 225 0250
Vantage Club enquiries 0158 239 8318
In-flight magazine enquIries 0127 371 5915
Online booking help 0871 423 8617
Group bookings 15+ 0871 225 5586
Enquiries 0871 940 5040
Cargo 0175 368 6852
Vantage Club reservations 0871 225 9000
Post-flight customer relations 0844 481 5496
Charter flights 0871 225 3555
Post-flight customer relations 0844 481 5626
Charter flight bookings 0871 423 8650

British charter airline Monarch Airlines, is mainly known as Monarch and is based at Luton Airport. It was founded in June 1967 as a subsidiary of Globus Getaway Holdings with financial assistance from the Mantegazza family. The airline operates flights to destinations in the Mediterranean, Cyprus, Canary Islands, Greece, Turkey and Egypt along with charter flights to the United States, Europe, Africa, India and the Caribbean. It now has a fleet of 32 aircrafts.

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