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Introduced in 1967, Mr Kipling is a brand specialising in baked goods, pies and cakes. Its products are marketed in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Premier Foods owns the trademerk and the cakes are made by Manor Bakeries Ltd. The brand also consists of French Fancies which are small sponge cakes.

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  • Nobody
    tomoe tanaka
    From over 4 years

    Herro, I am a Japanese and I am loving your MR KIPLING CAKES. Thank you. I have a question. Please answer it. Why do you no wrap the box inside with the plastic? The cake is naked to the consumer. Only the box is protecting the MR KIPLING cake. Why?

  • Nobody
    Brenda Clark
    From over 4 years

    I have enjoyed Mr Kipling cakes for many years, my favourite being Country Slices. My comment, or rather request, is that they be packed the same way as the Angel Slices (in breakaway single boxes) in stead of packed in couples.

  • Nobody
    From over 6 years

    It is so easy to get in contact with Mr Kipling. I thought it would take ages to get through to someone who would actually be able to help with my questions but it was surprisingly easy and quick too.

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