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Pampers are a brand of baby and toddler hygiene products, predominantly nappies, or diapers as they are known in the US. The Pampers brand is owned by multi-national retail company Procter and Gamble, who also own other British household names including Fairy, Pantene and Oral-B. Pampers were introduced in the early 1960s as an alternative to cloth nappies. Development continued, later bringing out a gelled material within the nappy in 1946 and a year later introduced frontal tapes, allowing repositioning of the tape without ripping the nappy.
In the 1990s, the brand began to develop thinner nappies, designer to be more comfortable and flexible, allowing for movement. Pampers is a very well known brand within the UK, also offering products such as baby wipes as well as hand soap, body wash and shampoo designed for small children and toddlers.

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    I usually get in touch with Pampers regularly for business and I have to say that recently I've found their customer service skills to be getting better and better. Very good company to deal with as opposed to quite a few others out there.

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