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Brand of ramen-style instant noodle snack foods Pot Noodle was initially developed by Momofuku Ando in 1958. It was originally known as Cup Noodle and comes in a variety of flavours. It is prepared by adding boiling water and later the powdered sauce. The flavours include Sweet & Sour (light blue), Sweet & Spicy (orange), Bombay Bad Boy (black), Beef & Tomato (brown), Chinese Chow Mein (dark blue), Original Curry (creamy yellow), Chicken & Mushroom (green) and many more.

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  • Nobody
    Louise Broadstock
    From over 2 years

    been searching the internet concerning Pot Noodle. I too found a small square piece of Plastic/Glass in Soy sauce and informed them. They sent a packet to return and promptly did,now after five and a half months still no word.

  • Nobody
    Marc Daswon
    From over 2 years

    I also found piece of what looks like plastic in Soy sauce and informed CS. they sent me a packet to return and now claim they have not received it.

  • Nobody
    Karen Kershaw
    From over 2 years

    Just found this site, after finding what looks like a small piece of plastic in packet of Soy sauce some 6 month ago, still no word from Pot Noodle.sent offending piece to pot Noodle who now say they never received it. Funny or what?.

  • Nobody
    Robert Edwards
    From over 2 years

    Looking at other sites, it seem many people are complaining about foreign objects in Soy sauce and Pot noodle ignored complaints six other people on another site complained and ignored by pot Noodle.

  • Nobody
    Ken Moreley
    From over 2 years

    I also found piece of Glass/Plastic in soy sauce. as Usual Pot noodle not received item sent to them. Still waiting after five months.

  • Nobody
    Malc Marsh
    From over 3 years

    Informed CS of GLASS inside the pkt of Soy Sauce the didn't get back to me.

  • Nobody
    From over 6 years

    Really appreciate the fact that Pot Noodle offers a free phone number which customers can ring for any type of enquiries. It definitely saves me quite a bit as I do a lot of business with them. Kudos to them!

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