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Founded by the Lacroix family in 1660 when they began serious rolling papers production, Rizla is a brand of rolling papers, blanks or cigarette tubes which is used for rolling tobacco or making stuffed handmade cigarettes. The rolling papers and tubes come in a wide range of size and thickness which are differentiated by the colour of the packaging. The thickness of the papers determine how fast they burn, the thickest burns the quickest.

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  • Nobody
    Craig Beddow
    From almost 2 years

    I am a regular user of regular-size blue and silver rizla. I am not usually a heavy smoker but for reasons I tend to smoke heavier at times, this is because of the frequency rather than the amount. I would suggest 1mm shorter small packs

  • Nobody
    From about 2 years

    i have been using your premium metal rolling machines for the last 8 years,and every single one of them has split on the seam where it is joined together in exactly the same place,now 1 or 2 can understand,but i must of bought hundreds of these

  • Nobody
    From about 2 years

    There is no glue on the papers which is extremely frustrating. I buy in bulk and there is no glue on any of the papers from different boxes??

  • Nobody
    From about 2 years

    Liquorice papers - just got 2 pks from Tesco.... paper all wrong.. waxy/shiny, no grip, burn fast, dubious glue
    Been using liquorice rizlas for 25yrs... so it's not ME!

  • Nobody
    Firoz Bardi
    From over 2 years

    I was gifted a Rizla+ Cigarette Roller 70mm (Premium Metal). The new design, center opening is very flawed as it opens up spewing the tobacco and filter while you get the paper to roll the cigarette - very disappointing!! firozbardi@yahoo,com

  • Nobody
    Nigel walker
    From over 2 years

    Hello i live outside of the uk and have done for many years i import my rizla papers in from the uk and now i have papers with no glue on them i am Not Impressed .

  • Nobody
    From over 2 years

    Liquorice papers pack after pack have no glue on many papers. Never find that with Swan.

  • Nobody
    Susan Davis
    From over 2 years

    I bought a pack of tips and half were missing and box had been ripped open.

  • Nobody
    Ryan Clark
    From over 2 years

    Bought a pack of rizla silvers with only half a pack in it.

  • Nobody
    David Connington
    From over 2 years

    Looking through your previous comments I think I am wasting my time leaving comments here!

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