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Sweatshop, was founded back in 1971, by Chris Brasher. Chris himself made athletics history, by helping to pace Sir Roger Bannister to the first sub four minute mile. His personal motto - to help people to be the best that they can, is what strives his business values. He ran in the Melbourne Olympics back in 1956, and had a customer pair of ultra lightweight spikes - utilising titanium from a Rolls-Royce engine, created for him, he also had his number sewn to his vest, rather than pinned - to help with aerodynamics. In addition to this, he also wore contact lenses, instead of glasses - pioneering technology. He was victorious in this final - running 7 seconds faster than his personal best. It is through Sweatshop, that Chris, was able to supply a range of products and provide the best equipment for amateur and professional athletes alike.

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