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The Times is a UK newspaper, operating since 1785, originally known as the Daily Universal Register, re-branding in 1788. The Times Newspaper publishes its daily edition as well as its sister newspaper, The Sunday Times, all wholly owned by the News Corporation run by Rupert Murdoch. The UK version of The Times was the first by that name, later lending its name to other international newspapers such as The Daily Times in Malawi, The Times in Malta and The Times of Israel. The Times newspaper were the first to print in 'Times Roman' font which the newspaper developed to be legible and clearly read when printed using low-tech equipment. The Times sell around four hundred thousand newspapers each day in the United Kingdom, with the newspaper also available in international locations including the USA.

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    The Times are a fantastic newspaper. I am proud to be a regular reader and I am constantly posting on The Times website. I find their journalism honest, frank and intelligent. They focus on real news - not media junk.

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