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Trade Exchange, is a cheque cashing store, and has been a regular part of the British High Street, for the past 12 years. They are part of the White Clover Group, and offer service without fuss and with instant decisions. They are fully committed to their customers - and are willing to consider any size of transaction - be that big or small. Their services include cheque cashing, pay day loans, logbook loans, pawnbroking, gold and jewellery exchanged for money, cash advance against household goods, foreign currency at competitive rates, money transfers with Western Union and prepay and top up cards. They currently have 28 stores around the South East of England.

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    From almost 7 years

    Whenever I am a little low on cash, I pop into Trade Exchange. They always offer me decent rates on products I bring into pawn. Sometimes I even buy my products back at a later date. I recommend Trade Exchange for those strapped for cash.

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