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Brand of well known stain removal products; Vanish is produced by Reckitt Benckiser. It is currently retailed in Europe, and worldwide. The products are specialised for removing stains from clothing and carpets. They can also be used on other fabrics, and the brand is somewhat of an icon in the UK, through the use of colourful advertising techniques, often of a humorous nature.

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  • Nobody
    From about 1 year

    i vcan not close my vpn on my tv ??????????????????

  • Nobody
    From almost 2 years

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  • Nobody
    From almost 3 years

    Your guaranteed vanish Gold gel stain remover . certainly DID NOT WORK. I have had considerable email correspondence without satisfaction Also you have a premium line telaphone no Why?

  • Nobody
    From almost 3 years

    could you tell me if your GOLD rug cleaner is the same as the Heavy duty Foam carpet cleaner? I can only see the GOLD brand on the shelves but it shows only rugs, upholstrey and stairs on the canister. I am a bit confused as what i should buy.

  • Nobody
    From over 4 years

    Awful customer service - complained about product 5 months ago and still no resolution. Have to keep following it up and I just a get told thank you for your patience and apologies this is taking longer than usual!! So frustrating

  • Nobody
    Louise Shaw
    From over 6 years

    I tried to remove a stain from my carpet using Vanish stain remover, it didn't work. I contacted the customer support for Vanish, and they gave me a few additional tips. After trying out their tips and techniques, I was able to successfully remove it

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