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Since 2003, VIVOBAREFOOT have been a pioneer for the barefoot movement, by launching the first minimalist shoe, with an ultra thin puncture resistant sole, that offers sensory feedback and protection. The belief is that the more you can feel the ground, the greater your body is able to understand its surroundings, and be in sync with natural movement. Barefoot running has been show to reduce injuries, reserve energy and improve technique.
The VIVOBAREFOOT range - features the most comprehensive selection of minimalist shoes on the market. The footwear is produced sustainably, through recycled, locally sourced materials and produced via eco-friendly techniques.

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    Timothy K
    From over 6 years

    I have been slightly confused by the technology behind Vivobarefoot. I thought I would give them a call, they were great, very friendly customer service team. They gave me lots of information on the science behind the shoes. I think I'll order some.

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